Modern Singing Lessons

Private lessons of modern singing in Barcelona

Private lessons, whether online or face-to-face, are focused on the world of modern singing. In each session, I teach techniques oriented to all musical styles and I try to cover all areas related to voice, music and creativity in general.

It is not necessary to have any level or musical studies to take singing and voice lessons, just the desire to sing, express yourself through music and get to know your vocal cords and your body. Singing can be your hobby or your professional career. or simply your weekly moment of disconnection.

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We adapt to your needs with personalized and enjoyable private lessons of modern singing, whatever your level.

  • Initiation Level 2% 2%
  • Intermediate Level 50% 50%
  • Professional Level 90% 90%
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Some of the points we deal with in the singing lessons:

  • Personalized solution of vocal imbalances, which will be different for each student.
  • Breathing control, relaxation, preparation and body adaptation for singing.
  • Preparation of repertoire, auditions or entrance examinations
  • Tuning
  • Styles
  • Voice technology and Homestudio
  • Rhythm, melody and harmony applied to singing
  • Treatment of stage fright
  • Musical creativity

Years of teaching experience

Students who have passed through the classes

Years of experience as a musician

Do I need to have knowledge of solfeggio to start lessons?

It is not necessary to have previous studies in music or voice to start singing lessons. We are here to help you achieve this in an easy and enjoyable way.

I don't think I'll ever be able to sing decently

This thought is very common among people who have never taken singing lessons. It is unreal and a false prejudice that does not allow us to take the step and start doing what we like, whether it is your hobby or you want to dedicate yourself to it in some way.

I am classically trained and I want to switch to modern singing, will I make it?

Of course. There are many students who have come to change their style and complement or “clean up” the characteristics marked by the lyrical training.

I am classically trained and I want to switch to modern singing, will I make it?

Of course. There are many students who have come to change their style and complement or “clean up” the characteristics marked by the lyrical training.

I already know how to sing but need specific knowledge in other voice-related areas

So that you can complement your training we also offer training in other specialties that are not vocal technique such as: microphone technique, stage fright management, voice-related technology (in-ear monitoring, voice pedals, voice production and editing in DAW…), performance, specific preparation for tests and auditions, preparation for studio recording…

If you want to improve and learn to sing is your school, classes adapted 100% to your level and very well explained, Marta gives a lot of security and helps you achieve your goal step by step. Highly recommended.

Marc Rodriguez

Singer and Guitarist in, Nucli

I have been teaching with Canto Con Clase for 4 years! I really like the close and personal treatment. I feel very comfortable doing classes and without realizing it I have improved a lot, although deep down I had doubts if I was capable after the traumatic experience I had with other pedagogues.

It has always been a childhood dream of mine to learn to sing and I am so glad I found the right person to help fulfill it. Thank you Marta!

Alesya Sidorenko

Marta is a great teacher, she approaches the topics with great clarity, as many times as necessary, from different angles and with different exercises; she adapts to the needs and abilities of the student because she observes and listens to him/her attentively, and that makes her classes personalized, enjoyable and you always come out learning something.

In addition, she is a charming, vital, optimistic and flexible person. If you are looking for a place to start or develop your level, Canto con Clase, without hesitation.

Marta Lopez

Singer in , Random Covers

Excellent singing teacher. Recommended for those who want to start and also for those with experience.
Good treatment, friendly and knowledgeable.

Guille Spalvier

Singer in Divagantes

Marta is a crack! She knows perfectly how to adapt to you, very didactic and motivating. I have had it for years and have never regretted it.

Violeta Yuste

Singer in , Blue Penang

Fantastic! Ajuda molt a la vergonya i a descobrir que POTS cantar!!!!

Irene Gonzalez

I have found someone who understands what I am looking for in singing and who pushes me to achieve it. The knowledge he has is infinite and very varied, he knows everything! The atmosphere and good vibes it creates enhances the learning process and helps me to internalize what we are doing.

Cristina Callejo

Very dynamic, approachable and creative

Nil Vázquez

Singer in , Nil Vázquez

Going to class with Marta has been learning to be aware, for the first time, of my voice and its possibilities. It has helped me to discover vices and mistakes and to focus on them in order to correct them, but also to start recognizing the positive sides.

Marta is an extraordinary teacher, not only for her knowledge and preparation, but also for her sensitivity and attention to the student. Since I was a little girl I have been singing locked up in my house or under the shower and I always thought that I would never have been able, nor was it the case, to sing in front of an audience, because of embarrassment or lack of confidence.

If tomorrow I dare to do it and decide to enjoy it regardless of the result, and if even now, after a few months of class, I still have the desire to continue to improve and learn even more, it is undoubtedly thanks to her.

Renata Scanu

Marta is a very complete singing teacher in terms of training, she adapts to each student’s profile and shares each new technique she finds in seminars and workshops.

Perhaps more important than training and curriculum when it comes to finding a singing teacher, at least in my opinion, is the atmosphere the teacher creates in the classroom. Marta is a close but hard-working person, and that is what any student needs.

Carlos Arenas

Singer in, Ace Chemical Plant Band

The classes with Marta are very enjoyable, besides being nice she is a great professional who strives to help you progress and you can see that she enjoys her vocation and keeps herself updated with continuous training.

Mila Markovic

Marta is amazing – a very talented and multi-skilled person who takes the time to understand the requirement and work on ways to help you reach your goals.

Andy Haworth

Guitar Player at , Lords of Up Time

Marta’s patience with me is incredible! Besides, I know very few people who have the know how that she has; she explains in a very easily understandable way, I feel understood with my little voice problems and I really enjoy the classes with her. Thank you very much for everything!


Singer in , Virginia and The Woolfs

Marta is an excellent teacher. I have only been going to her classes for a short time, but she has adapted perfectly to what I need, my voice is evolving and I feel more confident. I highly recommend it!

Singer and Actress, Cristina Serrat

Very enjoyable classes that fly by. We work on technique and themes from the beginning and Marta is a sweetheart, she adapts the classes very well according to the level and I am noticing the change in my singing voice.

Mario Perez

Modern Vocal Training
English Speaking

Would you like your singing lessons to be in English?

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Gift pack of classes

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Modern Vocal Training singers certification

Would you like to CERTIFY AS A SINGER with Modern Vocal Training?

Join The Singers Program to “level up” as a singer and as an artist. You will have access to a wide variety of practical tools in vocal training, vocal health, interpretation, artistic performance, music production, and much more, compiled by world-renowned specialists, all while continuing with your regular private lessons with me.

You will also be part of a unique online community built by singers for singers with regular bonus content and where you will find all your fellow singers around the world. A place where everything that is shared is related to music!

Want to know more? Write me and I will send you all the information!

Learn to sing with modern singing lessons in Barcelona
Marta FAbregat modern singing lessons in Barcelona
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Media- YouTube Channel

From vocal technique, through singing-related science, specialized technology for singers and other curiosities. These are some of the videos and topics you will find in my Youtube channel. My goal is to share with you knowledge, ideas, techniques and news that will inspire you but above all, that will help you on your way, whether you are an amateur singer or a professional singer.

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Student concert:

Once or twice a year we perform concerts accompanied by a full band or acoustic concerts. These are concerts in small format and voluntary participation where each student presents the work done before the other students and family / friends in a venue suitable for live music with themes of those worked in class. In this way the student learns to work with other musicians, manage rehearsals or work his voice with other instruments and/or voices.

The band

It is of vital importance for the project Canto Con Clase, the respect for the work of the musicians and other professionals involved in the concert, their fair compensation for the study of songs, rehearsals, transportation, hours of musical work and the good work between students and musicians.

Students wishing to participate in the concert will generally pay a small fee to cover these expenses (in addition to the box office or reverse box office for the assistants) for all musicians, sound technicians and other professional collaborators and must be STUDENTS OF CONTINUOUS ATTENDANCE to the classes to ensure good vocal work and proper staging.

concert of students singing with class
Vermut Vocal Vocal Canto Con Clase first edition poster
July 2017 Alumni Concert Poster

Private lessons of modern singing

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