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Apart from modern singing lessons, focused mainly on technique, knowledge of your vocal apparatus and your body to help enhance your voice, preparation of repertoires and styles… there are a whole series of areas that every singer, both amateur and professional, should be concerned about knowing. Areas pertaining to psychology such as dealing with stage fright, the creativity of staging and interpretation and how to move safely on stage or the specialized technology for the voice that is within our reach.

Eventually in Canto Con Clase, we dedicate specialized workshops (online or in person) to these specific topics and we try to share, help and expose solutions to your doubts or related problems.




When you are a singer, undoubtedly, the stage is one of the most difficult steps. Let’s not fool ourselves, all musicians are essential in a band.but the eyes of the public will always be focused on the focus on the frontman or frontwomanwaiting, hoping, not only that he or she sings well, but to give a show, to give them what they are waiting for.

The singer must have the technical knowledge to get the best out of his or her voice.but must also be able to interact with the audience and with his colleagues. Nobody teaches us how to face this situation, a situation in which you have to discover your best cards, your feelings, your shame… And nobody teaches us how to do it.

In most cases, when I propose to the students to sing in public for the first time, the faces of panic and concern are more than notorious and their comments once they get off the stage are always the same: my mouth was dry, I went blank (or I was afraid of going blank until the end), I was unable to look at the audience, I could not even move, I did not know where to look, I started sweating, I was out of tune because I was so nervous that there was no way to relax my jaw and larynx.

We give too much importance to the other’s experience and not to our own, to what people will say, to “I’m going to make a fool of myself”.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • Getting to know each other better as singers (and people)
  • Taking the stage as our terrain
  • Gaining confidence when singing
  • Identify blockages and potentialities.


Our instrument is the voicebut 80% of the time we will need some kind of amplification in order not to damage ourselves and to be able to be at the same volume as the instruments that accompany us. That is why we need to have a minimum of knowledge about microphones and everything that accompanies a singer on stage.

Some of the topics we will cover in the workshop will be:

  • Types of microphones: for live, studio, other voice-related activities
  • How a microphone works inside
  • Mic technique: I want to reach my audience without making them deaf.
  • Optimal sound levels for the singer in a brass band
  • What is a monitor? The I need? For What do I need?
  • Monitoring in ear (also called “snitch” or “the earpiece”)
  • Types of cables and connectors
  • Mixing console (introduction) and basic effects that the singer must be familiar with
    Voice pedal: technology comes to the voice


A great pending account of every singer is to prepare himself vocally to be able to do his job in a correct, healthy and safe way. To know your voice, your body and your phonatory apparatus. But another “must” is: the stage, and that’s a big word.

Once you get on stage everything changes: nerves, what do I do with the microphone? What do I say to the audience if I don’t even dare to look at them, I can’t hear myself and I’m defiant, I’m paralyzed and I’ve forgotten the lyrics… And let’s not fool ourselves, everyone is looking at you.

    • Learn how to move around the stage: space and elements.
    • Interaction and participation with the band and the audience.
    • Vocal preparation tips, previous technique and repertoire
    • Microphone and monitoring technology
    • Body language
    • Attitude and image
    • Practice Area (if the workshop is face-to-face)
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